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Can I access my Google Drive / Google Workspace documents in ThinkHub Cloud?

ThinkHub Cloud has several integrations, including GoogleDrive Integration.

To access your Google Drive documents, you can use the Google Drive Integration Icon that is located on the left toolbar on the ThinkHub Canvas. Here it says “Add Google Drive Browser” and that opens a selection tool. 

The first time this opens, you will need to log in. Once you have logged in, it remembers you and will pull up all of your files. Note: This will be viewable to you only. So, if you share the Canvas with others, they will not be able to see any files in this view until you select the file and send it to the Canvas. 

Once you’ve located the file that you want to share, select the file and double click to send to the Canvas. 

Once a file is on the Canvas, it will stay there until you delete it. If you have editing access, you can make live edits.

Note: When you share your Canvas with someone who has the ability to edit your Canvas, but who does not have the ability to update the document in Google Drive, they can edit the document along with you while you are actively in a Session with them. You could prohibit this by changing their Canvas permissions to View Only. 

You can also select “pause” in the active Google Drive file and this suspends the ability for anyone to update or edit the document. Note: When you leave the Canvas, your Google Drive content is automatically suspended so your collaborators will not be able to edit or navigate through your Google Drive file. 

You can also move forward or backwards using the two arrows. You can refresh by selecting the refresh icon.You can unpin the URL if you’d like to navigate somewhere else. And if you want to mute audio coming through the page, you can do that as well. 

To the left of the active URL, you will have the option to take a snapshot of your current window or bring the window into full screen. Note: If you have annotated on the URL and take a snapshot, annotations will stay with that URL. 

To move the URL when you are in the active state, hover over the grip tool that allows you to move the browser.