Can I invite other people to join my ThinkHub Canvas?

To invite other people to join your meeting, you will need to send them an invite link or the Room ID and Passcode.

If you are in the room with the ThinkHub you are using, this information is highlighted in the upper right corner. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 11-57-10 AM-png

If you are connected to ThinkHub via the T1V app, you can copy and paste this information by clicking on the top center of your T1V app window where it says ‘Connected to [device name]’. 

This will copy your meeting credentials. You can paste these credentials into an email to send them to attendees. 

The pasted credentials will include:

Meeting Link: Participants can select this link to instantly join your meeting

Device Name: This is the name of your ThinkHub 

Room ID: This is a eight letter code that participants can use to join the room

Passcode: This is a 4 digit number that serves as the password