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Does ThinkHub remember user credentials in the Web Browser?

There are several ways we can configure ThinkHub to remember—or clear—user information. The default configuration is that each Web Browser is independent, with no information shared between browsers.

To change the configuration of your Web Browser credentials, please contact T1V Support.

There are three options when it comes to configuring ThinkHub with Web Credentials: 

  1. Every Web Browser is completely Independent — this is our default and most requested configuration, as it is the most secure method. Since no information is stored, each time you open a new Web Browser, you will need to log-in to any websites that require a user ID and password. If this is a major issue in your workflow, consider one of the following methods.
  2. Credentials are Shared for the whole session and wiped at the end — with this method, you can sign in to your accounts at the start of your session. Every time you open a new Web Browser in that same session, it will remember your credentials. If you frequently need information from personal online accounts (such as Google Drive, Office 365, Smart Sheet, Tableau, etc) and your ThinkHub is in a secure area or you rarely work with confidential information, this configuration may serve you best. Just make sure everyone ends their session at the end of their meeting, otherwise the next users will remain signed in to the previous team's accounts.
  3. Credentials are remembered forever — we can also configure ThinkHub so your credentials are remembered indefinitaely. If going with this option, you can request occasional clearing of credentials by contacting T1V Support. This is our least secure method and is recommended for secure spaces, such as executive offices where security measures are required to enter.

To update your configuration or discuss which option would be best for you, contact T1V Support.