How can I organize my content with Smart Grids?

With Smart Grids, you can drag and drop content into drop zones where the content will automatically resize and align with content placed in the adjacent drop zones.

Use SmartGrids to create Canvas layouts to view and present content in optimal sizing and alignment. This tool is especially helpful when displaying highly visual content such as live video feeds, web-based dashboards, and screen shares. 

Smart Grids are located in the ThinkHub Menu, under Canvas Tools.

To use Smart Guides: 

  1. Open your ThinkHub Menu and Select 'Canvas Tools'
  2. Select 'Smart Grids'
  3. Select the size grid you want
  4. Use the 'Adjust grid spacing' scroll bar to adjust the spacing between your drop zones, making them further apart or closer together
  5. Drag and drop your content into the zones. 

    Once the content is dragged into the SmartGrid drop zone, the content will expand to the max size of the grid.

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 2.24.50 PM