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How can I teach remotely with ThinkHub Education?

This article will walk you through some of the strategies we’ve found most effective for remote instructors leading a ThinkHub Education Session.

These methods are designed for a remote instructor teaching students in a ThinkHub Education classroom. 

For instructions on how to incorporate remote students, see our ThinkHub Education Best Practices for Remote Students Guide. 


To start, someone in the physical classroom (student, TA, IT admin, etc) will need to send the instructor the Room ID and passcode (if applicable). They will also need to launch a video or audio conference call with the instructor at this time. 

Note: Make sure the T1V App permissions default is toggled ‘ON’ so the instructor can control the Canvas. 

To do this: 

  1. Tap the binoculars icon on the side panel located halfway up the right side of your ThinkHub Canvas. This will slide out into your T1V App Permissions Panel. 

2. From here, you can toggle T1V App control on or off for all users or for individual devices. When these controls are toggled off, the user will only have permission to view the ThinkHub Canvas through T1V App - they will not be able to create content or interact with the Canvas. 



The Instructor can connect to ThinkHub using the Room ID provided in the step above. To connect: 

  1. Download T1V App (www.t1v.com/app). For Android and iOS users, please visit your App Store and search ‘T1V App’. 
  2. Open T1V App from your device. 
  3. Enter the following Room ID : XXXX - XXXX [Provided by your class leader] 
  4. Enter the T1V Passcode - XXXX [Provided by your class leader] 
  5. Select ‘View ThinkHub Canvas’ 
  6. You will now see your ThinkHub Canvas, which is visible to the classroom. On the upper left control panel, select ‘Control.’ This will allow you to control the Canvas remotely. You now have access to all of ThinkHub’s capabilities. You can share .pdfs, videos, and images by dragging files directly to the ThinkHub Canvas. 

Select the T1V App icon to return to the T1V App Menu, which will allow you to send notes or urls directly to the ThinkHub Canvas. You can then move them where you’d like, organize them, annotate on them, and more. 

To view student work, ask students to share their content to their Student station. You can view any content shared to a Student station by selecting that station from the device bar (located in the Canvas Tray, to the right of the ThinkHub Menu icon). 

For an in-depth overview of everything you can do with ThinkHub, see the ThinkHub Education User Guide.