How do I connect my laptop to ThinkHub?

T1V App enables you to connect any laptop or mobile device wirelessly to the ThinkHub. T1V App supports MacOS, IOS, Android, and Windows. 

To install T1V app on your device, visit You can join a ThinkHub Session via the T1V app.

  1. Download T1V at 
  2. Install the app on your computer
  3. Launch the app.
  4. Select 'Room'
    Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 4.34.12 PM
  5. Enter the ThinkHub Room ID.

    The Room ID is an 8-letter code highlighted in the upper left corner of ThinkHub. In this example, the Room ID is QRXC-YBJF.

    Note: If you are not in the same room with the ThinkHub, please ask the Meeting Host for this information or ask your IT administrator to configure ThinkHub with ThinkHub Scheduling.

 5. If your session is passcode protected you will be promoted to enter a passcode. This will be a four-digit numeric code displayed on the top left of the ThinkHub, under the Room ID. In this example, it is 7224.

The T1V Menu is located on the left column of your T1V app. In the T1V Menu, you’ll find a series of tools that enable you to interact with the ThinkHub Room Canvas - from sending notes, URLs, and files, to downloading assets from the Canvas.

When you first join, you will be in 'View Mode'. To interact with the ThinkHub Canvas, you will need to select 'Control' on your T1V app menu.

Once you are in Control Mode, you can create, update, and move content directly from your laptop.