How do I download Notes from ThinkHub?

Exporting content from your ThinkHub Canvas is simple. With T1V app, you can download Notes, Sketches, images, videos, a PDF of the Canvas, or the entire Canvas (a .t1vx file) to your laptop. Here's how to download notes:

Once you’re connected to a ThinkHub Canvas via the T1V app, navigate to the 'Download Content' section on the left center of your T1V app window. 

Select 'Download Notes' (this will be the top icon under the 'Download Content' section). 

To download specific notes, select the notes you want to download from the list provided, and select 'Download Selected'.

To download all notes, select 'Download All'

The Notes data will then be saved to your default downloads location (see settings) in a CSV file.

Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 11.01.54 AM