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How do I navigate my ThinkHub Cloud Canvas?

There are several built-in tools to help you navigate your ThinkHub Cloud Canvas.

When looking at a Cloud Canvas, your Canvas Map will be located in the upper right corner. The shaded area on the Canvas Map reflects your current view.

The Canvas is larger than your screen, allowing you to zoom in and out and navigate to different areas of your Canvas. Use the trackpad to pinch and zoom on a keyboard or directly on the Canvas for touch devices.

As you scroll to different areas of your Canvas, you may notice the gray box in your Canvas Map mirroring your view. The Canvas Map is selection-based; tap anywhere to jump to that area. Zoom in/out to view the entire Canvas or specific content.

In a shared Canvas, check others' views by selecting initials in the top right or invite them by selecting the toggle option in the top left of the Canvas Map. Colored boxes around the Canvas Map indicate others' views, with the dark shaded box representing yours and colored boxes indicating theirs.

Watch the tutorial video: