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How do I send my ThinkHub Cloud Canvas to a ThinkHub Room?

You can send a ThinkHub Cloud Canvas to your ThinkHub Room via your T1V app.

Note: Cloud Canvases are compatible with ThinkHub 5.0 or higher. If your ThinkHub device is running a previous version of ThinkHub software, contact T1V Support to update. 

To send a ThinkHub Cloud Canvas to your ThinkHub Room device: 

1. Open your T1V app

2. Open the Cloud Canvas you would like to send

3. Select 'Send to Room' 

4. Enter the 8-letter Room ID and the 4-letter passcode (if applicable) located on the upper left corner of your ThinkHub device.

5. Select Send.

Your ThinkHub Cloud Canvas will now open on your in-room ThinkHub. You can continue to work from your laptop, or move to working on the ThinkHub itself. Any changes you make will be saved in the Cloud in real time — when you are finished working, simply end your Session on ThinkHub (open the ThinkHub Menu and select Session > End Session).