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How can I create a Sketch in ThinkHub Cloud?

ThinkHub Cloud's built in sketch tool is great for drawing and whiteboarding. You can create a new sketch by navigating to the tool bar on the left side of your T1V app.

To start sketching, open your ThinkHub Cloud Canvas and then use your built-in sketch tool. This is your second option down in the built in apps on the left side of your Canvas. 

This will add a Sketch to your Cloud Canvas.

You can then hover over your sketch and move it around to different parts of the Canvas. Once your sketch is in a place you’d like, you can select the “annotation” icon in the top left corner of the Canvas to select your tool size and font color and begin sketching. 

If you want to move your sketch while it’s in annotation mode, toggle over the grip bar on the left of the window and use this grip bar to move your sketch window. To the right of the window, you can select the icon that will take a snapshot. This will take a PNG copy of your sketch.

You can also put your sketch in full screen mode and you have the option to change the background. When you finish sketching, you can select the “x” in the top right corner of the window and it will delete your sketch from the Canvas. 

Watch the video tutorial: