How to Register for T1V

Registering for the T1V gives you access to new personalized features including upcoming meetings, recent room connections, and more. Here's how to register:

Watch this one minute tutorial video or follow the written instructions below. 



Once you have downloaded the T1V app, select to open it. 

You should see this Welcome screen:

Select the green button that says “Register” and it will take you to this screen (you can later access this section through your Settings).

Fill out the fields to register. 

Select ‘register’. 

Once you’ve registered, you will receive a verification email to the email address you entered. This email will be from T1V ( and include the following message: 

Select ‘Complete T1V App Registration’. 

Note: registration is device specific. You must complete registration on the same device that you registered with. 

You should now be registered for the T1V app and your registered email address should be synchronized with your T1V app.