ThinkHub Use Case: Logistics/Supply Chain

There are several ways you can use ThinkHub for logistics and supply chain management. In this example, we’ll show you how ThinkHub allows you to review and update content—such as dashboards, analytics, maps, and analyses—in real time.

In this example, a management team has decided to use four groups to provide an overview of the current financial standings and fourth-quarter goal brainstorming with the Logistics and Supply team. 

    1. Live Content

    With ThinkHub, you can display data, metrics, and live dashboards side-by-side for easy access to important information, such as your current inventory, financial standings, and supply locations.

    2. Theme

    Many Logistic and Supply teams tend to prefer darker backgrounds, which allows reports with lighter backgrounds to stand out.  You can change your default background color by opening the ThinkHub Menu and navigating to Canvas Tools > Themes, where you can select from a variety of Canvas backgrounds.

    2.  Smartgrids 

    In this example, this Logistics and Supply team used Smart Grids to arrange their live dashboards. With SmartGrids, you can easily drag and drop content into a grid, which will automatically resize your content to the specified grid size.

    Note: Smart Grids cannot exist within a group. In this example, the Supply team created a group (Quarter Results) and moved their  Smart Grid directly underneath, so it appears like it is a part of a group. If you choose to use this method, we recommend pinning your SmartGrids below the Group Title.

    3. Groups

    This L&S team chose to organize their content by creating groups with names such as "Supply Chain Map", "Cost Analysis", "3rd Quarter Results", and “4th Quarter Goals.” They have moved images, web-based Excel Spreadsheets, and notes into different groups. This allows them to quickly move and resize all content within a group at once, as well as navigate from Group to Group by using the Group Legend.

    4. Notes

    The built-in tools and the T1V app are two ways in which Logistics and Supply teams can send a note to the Canvas. This Canvas is displaying four notes with different headers to brainstorm ideas for each. This team can later annotate on these notes their different ideas for 4th quarter goals either in person or remotely.