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What is the most effective way to structure an active learning lesson using ThinkHub Education?

There are several ways we recommend leading active learning lessons with ThinkHub Education. This guide will show you some of the strategies we’ve found most effective for student work, hands-on lessons, and presentations.


Students can share their device screens to the nearest Student Station (ViewHub) by following these basic T1V App instructions: 

  1. Download T1V App (www.t1v.com/app) on the device you want to connect.
  2. Open T1V app from your device. 
  3. Enter the Room ID found in the upper left or right corner of your Student Station.
  4. If your Student Station has a passcode, you will be prompted to enter it. 
  5. Select “Share My Screen.” This will let you choose which screen or window you want to share. 
  6. In order for Multiple devices to be displayed at once, select “Quad-mode” from your T1V App Menu. 


As an instructor, you can view all content shared to Student Stations from ThinkHub. To do so, locate each Student Station you want to view in the Devices portion of the Canvas tray (located on the bottom of your ThinkHub Canvas, to the right of the menu icon). Simply tap the icon or drag/drop the icon to the ThinkHub Canvas to View. Once a Student Station is displayed on ThinkHub, all annotations you make to that station will be reflected in real time. If multiple student devices are connected to a single ViewHub, you can double tap on a specific piece of content to make that content display full screen on the Student Station. You can also broadcast any content from any Student Station to all Student Stations by selecting the ‘Broadcast’ button in the upper left of the content window. 


For Presentations, an instructor can share their screen to ThinkHub + Broadcast the feed to Student Stations

As the instructor, you can share your screen directly to ThinkHub so students can follow along with what you’re doing. If you want students to follow along during a tutorial, you can broadcast your screen to their stations by selecting the ‘Broadcast’ button in the upper left of the content window. This will broadcast your screen to all student stations. It will replace the view of their devices, but you will still be able to see student devices connected to Student Stations when they are displayed on the ThinkHub Canvas. Lead your lesson from your own device. Students can follow along by watching their ViewHub Displays, and you can check on their progress with the ViewHub feeds on ThinkHub.