ThinkHub Use Case: Sports Medicine

ThinkHub allows Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine professionals to collaborate on patient treatment plans by accessing large amounts of visual information at once.

In this example, we’ve replicated a ThinkHub Canvas based on how our Sports Medicine customers are using ThinkHub to strengthen patient care and treatment plan accuracy.

1. High-Definition Images

With ThinkHub, healthcare providers can see multiple x-rays from different angles as well as showcase the recovery plan necessary to overcome the injured area. They can tap on any image to enlarge it, or pinch and zoom the Canvas to adjust the size of multiple images at once.

In this example, we’ve also included images with instructions on how to complete physical therapy strengthening exercises.

2.    Annotations

Healthcare professionals can annotate on images, pdfs, and videos in order to draw attention to specific details when speaking with patients or fellow faculty members. They can then email these images with the annotations attached directly from ThinkHub.

3.    Groups

Groups can be used to group similar content together. In this example, we created 3 Groups: 'X-Rays', 'ACL Recovery', and 'Calendar'. We then moved multiple x-ray images taken at different angles into the 'X-Ray' group, made some notes in 'ACL Recovery', and added a calendar with the treatment time frame to the 'Calendar' group.

4.    Notes

Healthcare providers can take notes in real-time and save them to their ThinkHub Canvas. In this example, the group 'ACL recovery' includes several notes with instructions on physical therapy exercises and treatment progress.

5.    Send Files

You can send images to the ThinkHub Canvas via the T1V app using the 'Send file' tool. This feature allows content that’s been saved on your computer or tablet to be sent directly to your ThinkHub Canvas. Once your files have been sent to the Canvas, you can resize them, make annotations, and save them to your ThinkHub Canvas. You can even download them via the T1V app for future reference.