ThinkHub Use Case: Sports Team Management

There are several ways you can use ThinkHub for team management. In this article, we’ll show you some features frequently used in Sports Management.

Below is an example Canvas we've recreated after seeing how several sports teams use ThinkHub to prepare for game day. In this example, we've based our content on a college football team. 

1. Canvas

ThinkHub’s large virtual Canvas allows Sports Managers to digitally display an overview of their plan in one, cohesive space.  

2. Live Web Browsers 

The "Send URL" feature of the T1V app is helpful for teams working with online web-hosted providers such as Google Drive, Office365, etc. You can navigate to any URL through ThinkHub’s built-in Web Browser tool, too. Either way, you have the ability to update/make changes to you web-based content in real-time. In the above example, this Sports Management Team could update their Expense Report excel spreadsheet and Summer Training schedule in real-time. 

3. Groups

We often recommend Sports’ Industry Professionals use ThinkHub’s Group tool to organize content, for the ability to quickly navigate from group to group. In this example, we’ve organized content into three groups: "Equipment", "Conference" and "Summer Training".

4. Notes

Notes are a great way to keep track of ad-hoc ideas or feedback that arise during a meeting. In this example, we created a note with all the equipment needed for the big game, and used ThinkHub’s annotation tool to draw check boxes beside each item.