T1V Support Resources Quick Guide

T1V offers a few different options to provide the best support possible for our different products as well as specific client use cases. Here is a quick guide that gives a brief overview of each resource we offer for supporting clients.

Knowledge Base
T1V Knowledge Base contains a library of information for T1V’s specific products and devices, making it easier for users to find key information quickly. The information consists of step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, FAQs, and more. Below you will find a link to each “Getting Started” article.
Getting Started w/ ThinkHub
Getting Started w/ ThinkHub Education
Getting Started w/ ThinkHub Cloud
Getting Started w/ T1V App
Getting Started w/ Legacy Products

2.     Customer Success 

T1V’s Customer Success team’s mission is simple: to ensure the long-term success of our T1V customers. The Customer Success team has made it a priority to work directly with their customers to establish goals, drive adoption, and provide ongoing training and education to ensure customers are getting the most from their T1V product(s). In short, Customer Success is here to support customers on their journey from beginning to end. T1V Customer Success is available M-F 9a-5p ET. 

Contact us via the Customer Success Contact Form. You can also email CustomerSuccess@T1V.com.

Note: If you are already working with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can schedule a time to meet with them using the 'schedule a time to meet with me' link found in their email signature.

3.     T1V Support 

T1V’s Support team is at your disposal morning, noon, and night, serving as a single point of contact for any issues. T1V Support is a great resource for more technical and/or time sensitive issues. You can reach T1V Support two different ways, either by phone (877-310-8971) or email (support@t1v.com). If submitting an email, we encourage you to put “URGENT” in the subject line for a more prioritized response. For further reference, you can click the link below:

T1V Support Contact Information.

4.    User Guides/ Quick Start Guides 

T1V has a series of UserGuides and Quick Start Guides for each of our different products. These resources are successful in assisting our customers on how to use our products and services either step by step or for a quick overview. It’s important to note that our UserGuides are ever changing, much like technology, so if you decide to print a copy it may require some updates moving forward.Below you will find links to both UserGuides and Quick Start Guides. 



ThinkHub 4.11 UserGuide| |ThinkHub 5.0 UserGuide| ThinkHub One Sheet


ThinkHub Education

ThinkHub Education UserGuide | ThinkHub Education One Sheet


ThinkHub Cloud

ThinkHub Cloud UserGuide | ThinkHub Cloud One Sheet 


T1V App

T1V App UserGuide | T1V App One Sheet


Legacy Products

HubVC HubVC UserGuide | HubVC One Sheet
T1V Hub T1V Hub User Guide | T1V Hub One Sheet
ViewHub ViewHub UserGuide
AirConnect AirConnect UserGuide | AirConnect One Sheet