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ThinkHub Education Use Case: Whiteboarding

Here's how a Math and Engineering Professor is using ThinkHub Education for advanced whiteboarding.

In this example, we've created a Canvas modeled after a math professor's teaching style, which primarily includes writing formulas, solving equations, and class participation.

Here's how this instructor is using ThinkHub to lead a math and engineering course:

  • Creates a single Session for each portion of the syllabus and adds onto it through out the year
    • Makes it easy to refer back to a math problem completed in the previous week
    • At the end of that portion of the semester, the sessions can be copied, student info deleted, and used again the following semester
  • Whiteboarding
    • Opens a sketch for each example problem
    • Makes it full screen to solve
    • Invites students to come up to the board to solve problems
    • The work is saved so it can be revisited next class and/or incorporated into a future test