ThinkHub Use Case: HR Onboarding + Internal Training

Enhance and streamline your internal onboarding processes with ThinkHub. Here are a few best practices for creating an onboarding workflow with ThinkHub:

There are many ways ThinkHub can help you execute a more fun and engaging way of onboarding new employees. 

Here are some tools many companies have found most helpful in streamlining their onboarding processes while also making it fun, innovative, and interactive for their new hires. 

1. Canvas

With a virtual Canvas that displays digital content and expands much larger than your physical screen, you can open multiple pdfs, images, notes, and browsers all at once,

2. Sessions

Many companies choose to save their sessions based on each new hire’s journey. This way, you can save all onboarding, training, performance evaluations, etc. for each new hire as a single session. You can also create a master session to use as a template for new hires, with everything you will need to start the onboarding process saved in one place.

3. Groups

You can use Groups to group related content together for easy access. In this example, this organization chose to organize their content by creating groups with names such as "Company Culture/Values", "Your Role and Responsibilities” and "Your Training". They then added content to each group by sharing files through the T1V app and adding notes and browsers from ThinkHub.

4. ThinkHub Web Browser / Send URL 

ThinkHub’s built-in Web Browser allows you to navigate to any web based content. If you use Google Drive, Office 365, or another web-based platform to store your training resources, you can include them in your ThinkHub Session. Either open them directly from ThinkHub, or send a URL via the T1V app.  From here, you can send your web-based presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and more to be stored in your ThinkHub Session.

5. Create a Note

Use the notes tool to keep track of important information, like training objectives. In this example, we've created a 'template' for each week of training, so at the end of the week your new hires could list the 3 most important takeaways they learned that week.