How can I start or join a Microsoft Teams Meeting in ThinkHub?

You can join your Teams Meeting directly from the Idle screen or start a new Teams Meeting in ThinkHub. Once in a meeting, you can share your ThinkHub Canvas with other Teams participants.

There are two ways to start a Microsoft Teams meeting in ThinkHub:

  1. From the ThinkHub Home Screen

    Select ‘Join Meeting.’ This is your single tap to start option, and will take you right into your scheduled Teams meeting.

    Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 12.54.22 PM
  2. From the ThinkHub Canvas

    Open your ThinkHub Menu, and select ‘Teams VC.’ From the Teams VC menu, you’ll be able to join by meeting number, or launch an instant Teams meeting.

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 12.56.37 PM

This will take you to the Teams menu where you can select video and audio prior to joining your meeting.


Select 'Computer Audio' (unless you prefer a different audio system) and select 'Join now'. 

This launches the meeting and brings you to your Teams Meeting panel:


Once in a Meeting, you can share your ThinkHub Canvas by selecting the 'Share Screen' icon located in the top right corner of your Teams view. 

To share your ThinkHub Canvas with Teams participants, select ‘Share Screen.’

This will launch your Screen/Window Selection Panel — Select ‘Screen 1’ and select ‘Share.’


Note: If you are sharing your Canvas through videoconferencing only, your video conferencing participants will only have the ability to view your ThinkHub Canvas. This is because you are only sharing your Canvas view with them through ThinkHub. 

If you want your video conferencing participants to be able to view AND interact with your Canvas, they will need to have the T1V app downloaded on their personal device (computer, phone, tablet, and etc.). Participants will also need your In-Room ThinkHub credentials which is the 8 letter Room Id and 4 digit passcode found in the upper left/right corner of your ThinkHub. For more information, check out this article on Getting Started with the T1V app