How do I start or join a Zoom Meeting in ThinkHub?

You can join your Zoom Meeting directly from ThinkHub's Idle screen or start a new Zoom Meeting in a ThinkHub Session. Once in a meeting, you can share your ThinkHub Canvas with other attendees.


There are two ways to start a Zoom meeting in ThinkHub:

    1. From the ThinkHub Home Screen

      Select ‘Join Meeting.’ This is your single tap to start option, and will take you right into your scheduled Zoom meeting.

  1. From the ThinkHub Canvas

    Go to your ThinkHub Menu, and select ‘Zoom VC.’ From the Zoom VC menu, you’ll be able to join by meeting number, or launch an instant Zoom meeting.

    ThinkHub Menu with Zoom-jpg-1

This will launch your Zoom Meeting.


Once in a meeting, you have several options to control your meeting, including: Mute/Unmute Microphone, Start/Stop Video, Share Your Screen, Change View to Gallery or Speaker only View, or End the Meeting. 

Zoom Meeting in TH wcallouts


To share your ThinkHub Canvas with Zoom participants, select ‘Share Screen.’ This is located at the bottom panel of your Zoom Window.

This will launch your Screen/Window selection panel — select ‘Desktop 1’ and select ‘Share.’

You are now sharing your ThinkHub Canvas with other Zoom participants. A green outline will appear around your screen (or, for some large video walls, the portion of your Canvas that you are sharing). Zoom will inform you that you are now sharing your screen with the following message:

Note: If you are sharing your Canvas through videoconferencing only, your video conferencing participants will only have the ability to view your ThinkHub Canvas. This is because you are only sharing your Canvas view with them through ThinkHub. 

If you want your video conferencing participants to be able to view AND interact with your Canvas, they will need to have the T1V app downloaded on their personal device (computer, phone, tablet, and etc.). Participants will also need your In-Room ThinkHub credentials which is the 8 letter Room ID and 4 digit passcode found in the upper left/right corner of your ThinkHub. For more information regarding the T1V app, check out this article on getting started with T1V app