How Do I Connect My Mobile Device to ThinkHub?

The T1V app, which is free to download, allows you to wirelessly connect to ThinkHub. Follow these instructions to connect your smart phone or tablet.

Once you have downloaded the T1V app on your mobile device, tap the T1V icon on your device screen to begin collaborating with ThinkHub via the T1V app. 

1. Once the T1V app is open, select “Room Code”. 

2. You will then be prompted to input the Room ID and a four digit Passcode located in the top right corner of the ThinkHub Canvas to connect to the ThinkHub. These credentials can be found in the top right corner of your ThinkHub. (Note: If you have reserved a ThinkHub in a scheduled meeting with calendar integration , you will be emailed these credentials prior to the meeting.)

3. Once you are connected to your ThinkHub, this will be the main screen of the T1V app. 

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