Seven Ways to Use ThinkHub on a Daily Basis

ThinkHub helps a variety of teams consolidate their work and collaborate effectively. Here are some ways teams have found ThinkHub to be helpful on a daily basis:


1. Enhance architect, engineering, and design projects with the canvas that displays virtual and digital content and expands up to 20x the surface area of the touchscreen. 

2. Drive group work and brainstorming sessions by consolidating everyone’s ideas on the canvas to identify and engage with the most compelling content. 

3. Deliver powerful presentations with the ability to highlight, annotate, and edit content in real time. 

4. Hold in-person, hybrid and remote training sessions. Watch how Ohio University uses ThinkHub to promote interactive learning in the classroom and beyond

5. Communicate your message to potential customers, clients, or new employees. Take it one step further by showcasing your products and services virtually. Check out this video on virtual selling with ThinkHub


6. Identify the most effective data visualization technique by displaying your best reports, charts, and graphs using Smart Grids


7. Increase project management efficiency by establishing project timelines, budgets, and KPIs for office and remote participants to provide feedback simultaneously.

Check out the Use Case section of our Knowledge Base for more ideas, or download some ThinkHub Templates to get started with your own workflows.