ThinkHub Use Case: Brainswarming

Brainswarming (not brainstorming) - is all about generating ideas for teams to innovate better, together. Here's how some T1V clients are hosting brainswarming sessions with ThinkHub.

Our recommended method for hosting a brainswarming session includes the following: 

  1. Create 4 groups and name them: 
    1. Goals
    2. Subgoals
    3. Solutions
    4. Resources

2. Create a note and write your goal. Move this into the 'Goals' Group

3. Create a note and write a resource you could use to help achieve your goal (create a new note for each resource). Move this into your 'Resources group'

4. Use brainswarming to determine what are the subgoals and solutions to get you to the goal by using the resources you have — each of these can be listed on a separate note and moved to the appropriate group. 

Note: In the image above, we have turned off the arrangement for each group so we could create a unique, fully controlled, visual layout. To learn more about ThinkHub's Groups tool, check out this article How can I group content on ThinkHub?