ThinkHub Use Case: Command and Control

Command and Control centers use ThinkHub to display data simultaneously in real time. Here's how we recommend setting up a Canvas to view live content:

Command and Control Centers, Emergency Response Teams, and IT/Security departments often use ThinkHub to view dashboards, live feeds, and more side-by-side, in real time. One way we’ve helped customers accomplish this is using SmartGrids. 

To model your own Canvas after this template:
  1. Select a way to organize your content. In this example, we used SmartGrids, which allowed us to easily drag and drop content into the grid where it is automatically resized and moved into position.
  2. Insert your content into your SmartGrids (pdfs, images, videos, web based content, etc). This example session includes images, graphs, dashboards, and real time measurements being captured.
  3. You can also pull in live camera feeds via IP cameras, hardline inputs, or even a smartphone camera via the T1V app to display inside your SmartGrid. 

Watch the video to learn more: