ThinkHub Use Case: Presentation/Virtual Selling Large Equipment

There are several ways you can use ThinkHub for virtual selling. In this example, we'll show you how to create a virtual presentation to sell products based off the way a manufacturing company is using ThinkHub. 

In this example, we've replicated a session from one of our manufacturing customers who uses ThinkHub to sell large machinery. 

  1. Consolidate all content you would typically share in a sales meeting. This could include images of your product, sales presentation decks, spec sheets, etc.
  2. Live Camera feeds can be pulled onto your ThinkHub Canvas via Hardline Input or IP Cameras. This manufacturing client has several IP cameras for each product which can be accessed to showcase live demos of each machine.
  3. Use ThinkHub’s ‘Groups’ tool to arrange this content into categories that you can quickly move between (learn more about ThinkHub's Groups tool with this article How can I group content on ThinkHub?)

The client from the example named their groups: 

  1. Product Specs
  2. Product Showcase
  3. Project Site
  4. Quote
  5. Competitors

4. Clients can attend and participate in these presentations in person or virtually using the T1V App. Some manufacturing companies send their traveling sales team to client sites and lead a video call back to their headquarters, where their Application Engineer operates the in-room ThinkHub and shares their screen via the T1V app. 

5. When the meeting is over, you can save your sessions with any notes to re-open at your next meeting. (You can also export your notes into a .CSV file to upload into your CRM). 

Note: To learn more about ThinkHub's Groups tool, check out this article How can I group content on ThinkHub?