How do I teach in a ThinkHub Education classroom with remote students?

With the T1V app, ThinkHub Education facilitates active learning for all students—whether they are in the classroom or learning from home.

For large classrooms with many remote students, we recommend joining your VC call (Zoom, Teams, etc) from the Instructor Station (ThinkHub). You can then 'share your screen' through zoom so remote students can see the ThinkHub Canvas.

For hybrid classes with a large in-person presence and a few remote students, remote students can join the VC call for video and audio, as well as connect to their student station or directly to the Instructor Station via the T1V app. This will allow them to share their screen, annotate on class content, utilize ThinkHub's whiteboard capabilities, and more.

Watch the video to learn more best practices on teaching remote students from a ThinkHub Education classroom.