ThinkHub Use Case: Dashboard Reporting

ThinkHub is a helpful tool to view live metrics and dashboards in real time — from internal review meetings, status updates, to lab monitoring, here are a few best practices for how to incorporate live dashboards into your ThinkHub Canvas.

One of the best ways to incorporate dashboards from web-hosted reporting sites (such as Tableau, Smartsheets, Microsoft Power BI, etc) is to open these sites in ThinkHub's built-in Web Browser.

Watch the video to learn more, or scroll down for written instructions. 

You can do this by:

1. Connect to your ThinkHub via the T1V app 

2. Make sure you are in 'Control Mode'

3. Select 'Send URL' from your 'Send to Canvas Tools' Menu

4. Copy and paste the URL

Open the web page you want to copy in the web browser on your laptop

Select the URL you want to copy

Press 'Control + C' on your keyboard to copy the URL

Navigate back to the T1V app

In the 'Send URL' box, press 'Control + V' to paste the URL

5. Select 'Send to Canvas'

Your URL will then appear on your Canvas. If you save your Session, it will remember this URL and this dashboard will resume the next time you open your session.

Please note — if the dashboard is password or user protected, you will need to sign in on ThinkHub. If this is a common use case through out your organization, we recommend setting up a unique user account for your ThinkHub. For more information, contact T1V Customer Success

Once your dashboards are on your Canvas, you can organize them with any of ThinkHub's organization tools. In this example, we recommended Groups for the ease of quickly navigating from group to group via the Group Legend.