What file types are emailed from ThinkHub?

You can email content to yourself and others directly from the ThinkHub Canvas. You can also download content via the T1V app. All content emailed from ThinkHub will be sent as a PDF.

Anything emailed from ThinkHub will be sent as a PDF. 

You can also download the following other file types from ThinkHub via the T1V app:

Notes: You can download CSV files of notes with text via the T1V app. See instructions to download notes here. This will download any text entered into a ThinkHub Note.

Files: You can download files as their native file type (images, movies, pdfs) from the T1V app menu. See instructions for downloading files from ThinkHub.

PDFs with annotations: When connected to a ThinkHub Room Session via the T1V app, right click (or control click) on any pdf on your ThinkHub Canvas to see an option to download with annotations. 

ThinkHub Sessions: From the T1V app, you can download a ThinkHub Session (.t1vx) to store on your laptop. This file can only be opened on ThinkHub. If you work from multiple ThinkHubs, this will help you transfer sessions between ThinkHubs