ThinkHub Use Case: Magazine/Catalogue Design

ThinkHub offers an expansive workspace for planning and designing visual content, such as magazines, catalogues, or newsletters. Here's how one furniture company uses ThinkHub to design their catalogues:


1. ContentUsing the T1V app, the design team sends images of the items they plan to feature in their upcoming catalogue. They also send any design ideas, inspiration, or layouts as pdfs.

2. GroupsUsing ThinkHub Groups, they create a single group with the sample pages for their upcoming Magazine shown in a single column. They arrange these pages in sequential order, with the ability to change the order at any time.

3. Notes — The design team reviews the proposed layout and provides feedback on the layout and stylistic choices, as well as practical feedback such as items being released later or selling out faster than intended. The notes often include action items for specific team members to follow up with.

4. ThinkHub Cloud — With ThinkHub Cloud, designers can return to their ThinkHub Canvas from their own desk—or their own home—at any time to add notes, provide updated layouts, or make necessary revisions. When they return to the office to meet with their team, they can send their ThinkHub Cloud Canvas to their in-room ThinkHub for hands on collaboration in real time.