ThinkHub: Basic Training Certification

Read these articles and take the quiz to get your ThinkHub: Basic Training Certification.

This Certification Process takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. 

1. Start by familiarizing yourself with ThinkHub and the T1V app:

Getting Started with ThinkHub

Getting Started with T1V app

2. Read the following articles to prepare for your quiz: 

What are my built-in ThinkHub tools?

How can I save my work on ThinkHub?

How can I group content on ThinkHub?

How do I connect my laptop to ThinkHub? 

How do I share my screen to ThinkHub?

Can I invite others to join my ThinkHub Session?

How can I send files to ThinkHub?

3. Take the ThinkHub Certification quiz. 

Click here to take the T1V ThinkHub: Basic Training Certification quiz

Once you've successfully completed the quiz, your certificate will be emailed to you by the end of the next business day.